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Gold Tipped Frosted Emerald | Small Nika Moons | 10G - 00G



FOR HEALED PIERCINGS ONLY! - The wearing area on this pair is a matte finish so it could irritate piercings that are not fully healed. In order to insert pairs with this finish on the wearing area, simply get your earrings wet before inserting them and taking them out. The best part about the matte finish is that they do not slip out if the fit is good with your lobe size.

COLOR NOTES: Emerald is a newer green to the Glassheart palate. This matte finish really lets the green color glow and really pops if you see them from a distance. Combined with the flame polished tips that are fumed with 24K gold, this pair is a true gem. 

*Small Nika Moons are a more compact design than the full sized version.

Pair shown is a 4G. 

These earrings are made from borosilicate or Pyrex glass. This pair is not suited for anyone with sensitivities due to the matte finish, which could irritate un-healed piercings. 

PRICING: The price is for the pair, and these earrings are made to order.

If you would like to order a custom pair like this but in a different color or style, message us with your gauge size and the details of your request.

CARE: Before inserting the jewelry in your ears, wash gently with soap and water. Always make sure your hands are clean before handling your piercings. To reduce opportunities for breakage, it is suggested to take the jewelry out before showering, sleeping, and roughhousing :) Be very careful when styling hair, and use a snag free pillow if you need to keep the jewelry in at night. When removing jewelry, do so over a towel or a soft surface in case they fall. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

FRAGILE: When ordering Pyrex earrings, be aware that glass is fragile and can break when put under stresses such as being dropped, or hit, or crushed in a hug, especially in these elegant hanging styles. Please wear glass responsibly! By purchasing this jewelry, you understand the risks, and assume all liability.


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