Blood on Snow Raven | Squids

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MADE TO ORDER | 2-4 WEEKS  Blood on Snow Raven | Squids | 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G Pair shown is a 2G and is 2.5" long. Every pair will be slightly...

Size: 6G

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Blood on Snow Raven | Squids | 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G

Pair shown is a 2G and is 2.5" long. Every pair will be slightly different and the length could vary depending on the size you order. If you are interested in a particular length, please contact me directly before ordering.

MADE TO ORDER:  If you would like to order a custom pair like this but in a different color, style, or length, message me with your gauge size and the details of your request.

TURNAROUND TIMES: These borosilicate glass earrings are all handmade by myself, with the utmost attention and care. Orders take me an average of 2-4 weeks, but can take even longer depending on my schedule and the season. Reach out through the message link if you would like a rough ETA, or if you require your pair to arrive before a certain date. I do my best to work with everyone needing special accommodations, within reason. 

Pair shown is a 2G.

These earrings are made from borosilicate or Pyrex glass, which is a non-porous, hypoallergenic, material; perfectly suited for wearers with allergies to metals. This pair does have some texture to the surface so for healed piercings only.

PRICING: The price is for the pair, and these earrings are made to order.

CARE: Before inserting the jewelry in your ears, wash gently with soap and water. Always make sure your hands are clean before handling your piercings. To reduce opportunities for breakage, it is suggested to take the jewelry out before showering, sleeping, and roughhousing :) Be very careful when styling hair, and use a snag free pillow if you need to keep the jewelry in at night. When removing jewelry, do so over a towel or a soft surface in case they fall. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

FRAGILE: When ordering Pyrex earrings, be aware that glass is fragile and can break when put under stresses such as being dropped, or hit, or crushed in a hug, especially in these elegant hanging styles. Please wear glass responsibly!!! Through purchasing this jewelry, you understand the risks, and assume all liability.

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6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G